Lion City – Day 5

After a long and tiring day at the zoo, we woke up to a great Sunday morning at my buddy, Diana’s home. Though we did not have the same king size bed like in the hotel but we were too tired to notice! 😆

Darrius and Diana’s son, Matthew bonded pretty well and they were already instant buddies since dinner the night before. They have met twice before, first was when we were on our way to LA and the second was last year. When the two boys woke up, they were excited to play with each other. I guess they are close because they were born just a month apart of each other and they seem to be able to communicate pretty well… both are chatterbox!

So, this sioa (crazy) mommy can’t help but takes loads of photos of the boys. Thy really look so cute together! Matthew will hold Darrius’s hand and bring him around the house. Due to that, Darrius wants me to hold his hands and walk around in our home! 😆

We quickly get ready as we wanted to go for breakfast before visiting a friend near Bugis. We went to the market in Chintown for dim-sum. The market and the hawker centre has gone through a face-lift recently and I was pretty happy with the place now as it is brighter and much cleaner than before. The stall we bought the dim sum is located quite at the end near the HDB shops. It is a flat $1.80 per plate. Then I saw a Katong Laksa stall a few units away and decided to try. And it turned out quite disappointing as the laksa taste a little bitter!

After breakfast, PiggyBeng parted way with us as he needs to meet a friend up in Woodlands while all of us drove down to Bugis. Before that, Diana’s hubby went to get some stuff in the market below while we went to her dad’s stall nearby. The boys were having so much fun running about and I just can’t help but snap more photos! 😆

After that we went to visit Sachiko and her new baby girl, Momo. She is one chubby and cute little 4-month baby! Both Sachiko and myself had our weddings just a day apart from each other. Little Momo was a little surprise when she saw all of us and started to smile slowly at us after a few minutes of warming up. And I just can’t resist cuddling her! I love her drumstick thighs soooooo much! 😆



It started to rain cats and dogs not long after we arrived. Sachiko is staying in a service apartment near Gateway so her apartment has one of the most fabulous view over looking Suntec City and the Singapore Flyer. We can’t resist taking photos of the scenic view though it was raining so heavily!

We were supposed to wait for Diana’s sister to come over but she was trapped in the rain and did not arrived until a few minutes after we left. We have to leave as I was to meet up with my ex-boss for lunch so Diana’s hubby was so kind to drop us off or else we won’t be able to reach on time.

We settled for lunch at Seafood Harvest or something like that in Bugis Junction. It was soooo packed with lunch and shopping crowds that we do not have much choice. Initially my ex-boss wanted to bring us to Botanical Garden for lunch but due to the rain we have to make do. The food was quite ok but I did not take photos (shy mah!). :mrgreen:

We finished around 2+ and met up with PiggyBeng. I wanted to get some scallops so we headed over to the wholesale market across the street. Not very cheap actually. Then PiggyBeng saw a few durian stalls and can’t resist getting some since only $5 for 3 packets! Initially we wanted to hop on to one of those Duck Tours but it was really pricey! Since we are not in huge group and can use something like those Bus Charter New York… just 3 of us don’t make sense. We just hop on to a SBS bus down to Chinatown (the same hawker centre we had dim-sum in the morning) for our Sliced Fish Beehoon fix. The shop (An Ji) has moved after the face-lift and we spent a good 20 minutes looking for it! Luckily I managed to find it after asking around…

Well, we felt the standard has dropped a bit and the fish soup is not as tasty as before. We only order a bowl to share since we will be having dinner with Diana’s family later on. After stuffing our tummy to more than 101% full, we took a bus to Diana’s place so we can clean up before going for dinner.



And can you guess what we had for dinner? It ribs at Cafe Cartel again! :mrgreen: The total times we had this rib dish is 3 times in 5 days!!!!! This time round we went to the outlet in Siglap. After dinner we walked over to Siglap Shopping Centre as Diana’s hubby wanna get some ice-cream from Mc-D. We had Oreo Mac-Flurry and I can tell you, it tasted oh so…. YUCKY! 😛 I don’t remember it taste like that when I had it years back. Anyway, I’m not a fan of Mac Flurry. 😛

On our way back, we detoured a bit and went up to Mt Faber for a short drive. The place has changed quite a lot since my last time there. There are quite a few dining spots near the cable car station and the night view is superb!

And we call it a day upon reaching Diana’s place. Pack up and ready to leave the next morning…

That’s all for Day 5!


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  1. min says:

    wow..u simply loves cafe cartel right??

    mins last blog post..BENTO craze

  2. Angeleyes says:

    wait till you see what Ah Beng did the last two weekends!