Lion City – Day 4

It is “Lets go to the ZOO” day!

Finally, it is weekend and PiggyBeng has finished his business stuff so we can finally enjoy day time outings together. This is also the day we have to check out of the hotel.
We packed the night before so we don’t have much to pack in the morning. I brought Darrius down for a quick breakfast and we were out of the hotel by 9.05am with safe keeping our luggage at the hotel concierge. We quickly dash over to Princep Street (opposite Hotel Rendezvous) to wait for our Zoo bus. The city was quiet at that hour as most people has not rise since it is a Saturday and public holiday. It’s Singapore’s national day morning.

The ZOO bus (a direct from the city to the zoo) came right on the dot at 9.35am. It was a HOT day ahead… (We were smart lucky to choose to go on Saturday as Sunday was a wet-wet day!) Kinda glad that not many people were on the bus and we reached the zoo in less than 20 minutes using all the expressways! That was really fast comparing to conventional way of taking buses and MRT to the zoo which we used to do long ago. For the convenience, we have to pay $4/pax each way and children below 3 is FOC (this help you save as much as 1.5 hours of traveling time!).

When we arrived, the Zoo’s entrance was already crowded with people. We have to queue up for the tickets which took about 10 minutes with 4 counters serving. Pretty fast. And the fees for each adult is $16.50 and children below 3 is FOC. Once we were in we quickly move to the nearest attraction for photo taking… We forgot totally about all the shows and so we did not managed to catch one except for the elephant show but it was so crowded, we don’t even have a decent space to stand so decided to leave halfway. šŸ˜¦


It was a really hot day with the temperature continue to rise as we move along in the zoo’s compound. Some animals were already hiding or sleeping under the shade and they don’t bother to come out to greet the visitors… We brought our ‘lunch’ of some Bread Talk buns but only PiggyBeng and Darrius had them as I was still very full from the buffet breakfast.

Finally we managed to covered most of the enclosures and our last was the Polar Bears. These two polar bears has been with the zoo since I could remember. They have definitely aged and their fleece are falling… poor bears have to live in such hot weather!

It was about 1.45pm we finally completed and the next bus back to the city is at 2.30pm so we have some time to kill. We went around some of the souvenir shops near the entrance before we proceed to the bus stop just outside Night Safari entrance. And while waiting the Mighty Monkey finally…




Darrius was extremely tired as he slept late the night before and we have to woke him up very early that morning. In fact he refused to wake up and we practically have to coax and coax him to finish his milk (which is rare) and get him ready.

The bus came but it only left around 2.50pm and we reached the pick up point at 3.15pm. We walked to Bugis Junction for our Katong Laksa fix (forgot to take photo) which is just next to OG Plaza. The entire place was filled with people! We managed to wade through and shopped for a while at BHG (the old Seiyu).

We took a slow stroll back to the hotel to collect our luggage before we take the MRT to my buddy’s place in Red Hill. You must be wondering why we did not take the cab… the crowd and queue for cabs was building up due to the NDP and it is faster if we take the train. Since my buddy’s place is just next to the MRT station it is the most sensible choice.

We were all sticky by the time we reached my buddy’s place so we quickly freshen up before we adjourn for dinner in Bedok. Will blog on that one separately. šŸ˜›

And that conclude our Day 4!

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  1. mommibee says:

    he’s too cute! grown so much already.
    when’s his b’day?
    Yr cupcakes are amazing too!

  2. Did Darrius enjoy the bus ride? Bet he does !

    And look at him, a natural at the wheels!!

    And aww..the little darling is all tuckered out !

    allthingspurples last blog post..Bento # 56 and Bento # 57

  3. Paik Ling says:

    Darrius really looked washed out! Mummy looks great though!

    Paik Lings last blog post..I Am Thankful For…

  4. Aww… Darrius looks like a little safari explorer with his gear, in that hat! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

    giddy tigresss last blog post..Banana pancakes, anyone?

  5. Shooi says:

    Hey! I just noticed that Bryan has the exact T-Shirt that Darrius is wearing! I think this is the 2nd time both of them have the same piece of clothing… hehehe.

    Shoois last blog post..Pains of motherhood