Bento Fun #4

I am getting very addicted! Now it has been a daily affair that Darrius gets his Bento meal(s). Sometimes when he wakes up early, I will prepare a Bento snack for him for his mid morning break so he gets 2 Bento meals a day! How fortunate right? hehehehe

This is another of his Bento snack…


Top: Strawbery jam dip with butterfly shape white bread
Bottom: Cheese cubes, Maltesers and dried appricots


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0 Responses to Bento Fun #4

  1. chooi peng says:

    i am really interested to know how long time you need to prepare a bento set.
    i think if me, sure will take very long time for one bento!

  2. chooi peng says:

    btw, i am really salute all the bento mummy around!!!

  3. Angeleyes says:

    Chooi Peng,
    Actually I don’t take that much time. What I do is, I pre-plan in a way on what to cook. I normally share the same food with Darrius, just that he gets a smaller portion of what I will be eating. Then for a complete Bento, I will put in the rest of the ‘decoration’ where they fit… all the cute stuff are cut with cutters so it’s very easy! Not like we have to craft them! 😛

    The only time consuming task is making the boiled egg as it will take some times for the egg to ‘grow’ in the mold. Other than that all very easy…. 😛

  4. Irene says:

    nice nice nice! looks like the bento craze is contagious *wink*

    Irenes last blog post..bad bad mommy 🙂