Gosh! He’s 33-month today!

Times flies!!!!!!!!

I’ve not been doing regular update on Darrius for the past 2 months and I noticed he has grown up so much and is getting more and more independent! The most significant changes is…

He wants to do everything by himself!!!!!

Here is what he will tell me everyday…

“Darrius pappy (bath) by myself okay?”

“Darrius wear teh-kor (underwear) by myself okay?”

“Darrius eat mumm by myself okay?”

“Darrius walk by myself okay?”

“Darrius shee-shee (pass urine) by myself okay?”

I tell you, part of me is feeling so proud of him and part of me is going crazy… know why?

When he bathe by himself, he will play the water until refused to get out from the bathroom!

When he wear his own teh-kor he will pull it down again and wear and pull it down… on and on! aaarrgghhh!!!!

When he eat by himself means I have so much to clean up but no choice… he has to learn!

When he walks by himself (don’t want us to hold his hands) he will run and run and we have to chase after him like some mad people!

When he shee-shee by himself he will get his pants and his shirt wet and will starts to waddle his shee-shee if no one is looking! *yucks!*

I know I got to learn to let go sometimes but-but-but… it can get really stressful!

Toilet Training
I am still trying to toilet train him and I am most proud to say he is almost there… I seldom put on the diapers for him when he naps now. I will timed his fluid intake so he will not have a full bladder when he wakes up as he will be very cranky and groggy and will refused to go to the toilet immediately so chances of him peeing into his pants is very high. He still needs his diaper at night though… so hoping we can train him to out grow this soon.

The past weeks (except when we were in Singapore) we also did not put any diapers for him when we go out. So far he has not wet the car seat or his pants. He has been able to tell us when he needs to go and is able to hold his pee much longer than before. There was once when I was at the fresh produce in Tesco (Penangites will know how far is the toilet from that spot) and he told me he wants to pee so I have to rush like mad woman pushing the cart and bring him to the toilet… and we made it! Then on another occasion, we were driving along the coastal highway (Penang) and he said he wants to pee… so PiggyBeng has to make a fast stop-over and we made it again!

He has no problem doing his big biz.

So far he has no problems with his food as he will eat whatever I cooked for him. Now with all the attractive Bento meals, he is eating even more! In fact he will ask me when can he have Bento??? I do not notice any allergy reaction with most of the food I fed him though I am still cautious on what to feed him. He loves his vege and fruits but he has mood sometimes! Once he requested for papaya and another time he said he don’t like papaya…!!!???

He sleeps about 10-12 hours a day (combine of naps and night sleep). He is one energizer bunny for sure! When he is having fun, he can even skip his nap altogether! He is sleeping on his own mattress next to me and will occasionally call out to me (with eyes closed) to make sure I’m around. He still refused to sleep with just his daddy in the room so mommy has to be in the room during bed time – so I’ve been sleeping like 10pm everyday now!!!

He has stopped crying when he wakes up and not seeing me. He will bang the door to inform me that he’s awake before opening the door and call out to me. Thus, I have stopped using the baby monitor set a few weeks back

Ok, he is a very kay-poh (nosy) fella so he learn pretty fast but can be a bit blur-blur when I asked him to look for things! He will observe how we do things and will imitate us during his play. He likes to play cooking now since he always see me cooking… so sometimes he will say “Darrius cook for mommy okay?” – so sweet right? 😆 During a few of his plays, I noticed he has ‘imaginary friends’ and will talk to ‘his friends’ and do this and that with his ‘friends’. Ok… this one a bit eerie but thought it is just a phase so I don’t question him.

During reading times, I will read to him and ask him to repeat what I’ve read. I tried starting Peter and Jane with him but he won’t want to read all the sentences there rather he will point to the pictures and tell me the story! o_O

eeemmmm… he likes to play with girly toys! Besides playing masak (imaginary cooking), he likes to play with dolls!!!! I even saw him  ‘feeding’ his ‘baby’ milk-milk once!!! He also  requested for a baby doll so he can put next to his pillow and sleep together!!!!!! *what have I done????* 

Still very small size for his age. Standing around 90cm and weighing around 13kg. Still with 16 teeth (8 for top and 8 for bottom).

Still as fierce as ever especially when he refused him his requests. Very stubborn and always wants things to be done his way.

Likes to wet table/floor with his water bottle and then play with it. When we mop the floor he will insist on walking on the wet floor! He never refused learn from mistakes (most of the time!).


Ok, that’s all for now… just a reminder to myself to be patient and his 3rd birthday is in 3 months time!!!!!!!!


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  1. min says:

    wow..lil’ bf’s birthday is coming again ? i still remember getting him his birthday pressie …. cooking set rite? opps this time round better get a more BOY-ish present later mummy complains that he is girlie again! ehhehehe

    mins last blog post..Time is needed to digest them

    I think cooking set is still fine but not girlie dolls lar! LOL

  2. Irene says:

    awwww… so hensem Darrius gonna be 3 soon! yay! will we be seeing more cool cupcakes? hehe 🙂

    Irenes last blog post..Hi5 vs Private Practice

  3. Shooi says:

    Bravo Darrius! And what an independent boy wannabe. Mommy, u shd be proud.

    Shoois last blog post..To start or not

  4. yvonne says:

    LOL … so funny on the ter-kor part!!!! Luckily my boy still doesn’t know that trick yet.

    Happy 33 months!

  5. Yea, Yea !! It’s that stage they are going through !!

    Ashley has been going like ,” NO ! NO! MOMMY , AH CAN DO IT OH BAAA MAHSELF !!!” since forever too ..sigh….

  6. hee hee. and the water play on the floor part is so classic. Darrius and Ashley will have a ball of a time when they meet up for those antics .hahha

    allthingspurples last blog post..High School Musical concert

  7. ha ha ha…wear teh kor. About the cooking and dolly hor, my Ryan used to love playing them when he was small, so it’s normal, don’t worrylah.

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Who Is More Precious

  8. sharine says:

    they are growing to have their own personality… and stubborn is always what they do best to protect their rights, huh? Same here… gues that’s the way they have to go through… so any big plan for the coming birthday blast?

    sharines last blog post..After the butt whacking…