Lion City – Day 1

Our flight out of Penang to Singapore was at 10.20am on 06.08.08. This is the second time we flew direct from Penang to Singapore with Darrius. We went pretty early so that after checking in, we can enjoy a leisure breakfast in the airport lounge. I noticed, Darrius seemed to behave very differently since his first flight as now he knew more and is aware of many things around him.




PiggyBeng is a Singapore Airlines KrisFlyers Gold member so, we get to have priority check in (don’t have to stand in long queues) as well as get to dine in the airport lounge. According to PiggyBeng, Asia has among the better lounges as they really serve good food! That day we had fried rice with fried fish balls some some continental breakfast stuff like sandwiches, scramble eggs, sausages and bake beans. There are other items such as kuih (Malay styled snacks) as well as cakes.

When we were walking towards the plane on the skybridge, Darrius trembled! He screamed and cried and wanted to go back!!!! 😐 All the people walking behind us were staring at us and must be thinking “what a suaku (country pumpkin) kid!”. He tried running back into the waiting hall…. so embarrassing! PiggBeng quickly scooped him up and carried him along while he still kicking away. *bleah~*




Once we entered the plane, I tried to bluff him and said there’s a playground at the end. Luckily that took his mind off a bit! We settled down into our seats and in no time, the Lil’ fella started to explore all the things around him… touching the remote control, the tray and the window shutter.

Our flight was quite on time so there wasn’t much waiting. Once the plane stabilized, they served Darrius his meal. I find that the kid’s meal is more appetizing than the adult’s meal! For years we were served the pizza like sandwich or panini which taste really awful if you eat it all the time…. wonder when are they (SIA) will change the menu?

We arrived around 11+ and took the MRT from the airport to our hotel in City Hall. It was a great experience for Darrius… this time he was not so afraid like the last time when we hopped on the MRT. As it was lunch hours, the train station in the city was packed with commuters. We tried to check in and was told the room would not be ready till around 2+. We were told to go to a waiting lounge (a room converted into a lounge) next to the pool. We went down again and was told it will not be ready till 3+. Furious, PiggyBeng said we might as well go and visit my uncle first since I need to bring some pheahs (Penang famous biscuits) for my uncle and come back later. We left the rest of our luggage with the concierge. We headed east to Bedok and took a shuttle.

My Uncle just got back from Bali that morning (he just got converted to a B777 captain) and was still napping when we arrived. We were greeted by his new dog, Toby, a Golden Retriver. This is their second Golden Retriver as the first one started biting some family members so uncle has to sent him to SPCA. We chatted and proceed to his wife’s shop in Bedok North for some drinks before he dropped us at the train station as he has to attend a meeting that night and with PiggyBeng has a dinner we can’t go for dinner together.

We finally got our room around 5+ and quickly freshen up as PiggyBeng needs to attend a company function that night in Orchards Road. We let Darrius has his short bath tub thrill before I get him ready for dinner. Met an ex-colleague for dinner in Bugis. We had Fish and Co. since it was the only Halal restaurant that we knew as my colleague is a Muslim. We finished around 9pm and by the time we reached the room… we were almost flat! PiggyBeng was still not back till 10+. (Thanks Wilis for the lovely dinner and it was so good to catch up after so many years!)



You still look fabulous despite being a mommy of 3!!!!

That concludes our Day 1! *phew~*

I think I will need memory upgrade to store in more info!!!!

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  1. chooi peng says:

    Yeah, kid meal always look yummy than adult’s!!
    last time i fly from KL to Sin with SIA got a cup of orange juice and nut only!!!

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Darrius is considered well behaved lor. Until now Bryan hasn’t been on a plane – talk about being suaku!!

    Paik Lings last blog post..Brandon is One Month Old!

  3. constance says:

    i oso like kids’ meal. they make it attractive and tasty for kiddos but they adult meals taste like cardboard. and dull.

    constances last blog post..Payment Due

  4. Darrius doesn’t take nap in the afternoon? I think my girl will get cranky if she doesn’t. Waiting for your shopping posts wor…

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Another Week Of No School

  5. Irene says:

    Darius, not bad liao lor, can be good for the plane ride. I dont even know how my lil missy will react man… *sked*

    Irenes last blog post..which one are u using?