Toyota Carnival in QBM

The previous Sunday, I brought Darrius to QueensBay Mall as I need to get some stuff for him and PiggyBeng did not follow us. It was a mother and son weekend outing. We spent a total of 6.5 hours there!

So, what did we do that we lasted so long in a shopping mall? We arrived around 10.30am and it was still early as there were still lots of parking lot available. I knew we will spend more than 3 hours there so I went up to the multi storey car park. We went to the basement first as I thought to grab a bite. Bought some potato wedges to much on before we go to the ground floor. Once we entered the ground floor, we saw a lot of clowns standing near Coffee Beans so I quickly brought Darrius there so he can get one of the balloons the clowns were making.

The clown then handed me a coupon which said I could get a free hotdog and a can of coke at the Toyota Carnival outside. Since I have not taken my breakfast, I thought why not I just grab that hotdog to fill my tummy before looking for a place to dine. Once we reached the compound, Darrius saw those jumbo inflatable play gyms and he wants to play in them.




Darrius was so happing jumping about in those jumbo play gyms that he refused to go until I bribed him with other stuff. Then I saw there was some games and contest going on in the booths around the area and I let Darrius have some fun there. He did not win anything but I knew he has so much fun.

Then I saw one of the booths has the sand painting so I thought Darrius might be keen. It was really crowded with kids waiting so impatiently for their turns. Nevertheless, this kiasu mommy grabbed one of the sticker paper and started to help Darrius ‘paint’ his art piece which is a picture of a bumble bee. Darrius was quite short as compared to some of the bigger kids so he was often shoved away so I have to tell those kids off.

Finally we managed to complete our ‘masterpiece’ and Darrius was quite happy until one kid grabbed the spoon he was holding. Like usual, Darrius will sheirk his lungs out and cried when he knows the other kid did not budge. Poor boy. So, I have to bribe him again so we can quickly exit from that area.

We went back to the mall and started my mission. I managed to get Darrius a pair of long pants and a pair of shoes after looking in almost all the shops. Then we went to Borders but so happened they we having some craft session at the kid’s corner. Initially I thought to just let Darrius stay around to read books but he went to nose at the crowded. He then wanted to join the session pulak! I tried to lead him away and he started to cry very loud so i have no choice but to ask the staff to give him some crayons and a piece of paper so he can scribble. Peace.

Ended up I did not get to eat except for that free hotdog as most of the restaurants were packed with diners! We hardly go there on a Sunday so I was surprised by the crowd. When we left it was almost 5.30pm… It was a fruitful day no less!


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0 Responses to Toyota Carnival in QBM

  1. Sue says:

    Haha..nowadays..I also deal with screaming kid a lot…sien..

  2. Binky says:

    I bet Darrius went out like a candle come bedtime!

    Binkys last blog post..Red Bull gives you wiiings…….

  3. allisia says:

    hak… If i go wt Yang and Jing… mana can play till so fun leh…

    allisias last blog post..Wrong shoes matching!

  4. wow….what a looong day… Sounds tiring but worth it eh..

  5. whoisbaby says:

    wah … u stayed at the mall 6.5 hrs by yourself with him … so geng.

    whoisbabys last blog post..Salad from the garden

  6. LiL'deviL says:

    What a fun day! Ethan also loves to play in those inflatable gyms. I actually did a raincheck on a jumping castle for $150 during the toy sale. Not sure if I want to buy it or not.

    LiL’deviLs last blog post..Nappy-free night