World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August)



Every year from 1-7 August is World Breastfeeding Day around the world. Since I started breastfeeding, this event has been significant to me as I wanted to support the good and positive course of breastfeeding.

Being a successful breastfeeding mommy, I would like to encourage other mommies to follow my steps. There are just so much advantages if you are able to breastfeed your child in the first six months of their life. I have proof here with me…. Darrius was an exclusive breastfed baby till he was 7 months old when he started to take in other solid food. I continued to breastfed him till he was 18-month and I have to wean him off as I was unable to conceive. I would have love to breastfeed him till he wean himself off of course but I don’t have a choice as PiggyBeng wanted another kid.

Beside saving a lot of money buying milk powder in the initial stage, I am 100% sure Darrius gets the best there is in his growing up years. He is always healthy and very active, hardly get sick and even if he does, he recovers very fast. He learns very fast and has good memory. I couldn’t has asked for more. I believe, I have done a good job though I have to sacrify a lot in the initial stage.

The myth of ‘not enough milk’ is only used by those who do not believe their own body. God has given us something that is so powerful so that we can produce our own milk to feed our children the way nature has intended. With determination, we surely will get enough to give to our babies.

So, Mommies…. lets us go for the GOLD! Our children deserve the very best from us, it is free and God’s gift – our Breast Milk!


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  1. Hear hear! I too have nothing but good things to say about breastfeeding!