We are 2!

Happy Moo-day to You!

Happy Moo-day to You!

Happy Moo-day to RamblingMoo!

Happy Moo-day to You!





I can’t believe it my humble little blog is 2 today!

Looking back, I only started blogging on this day back in 2006 through the free Word Press portal and I am glad that I’ve lasted this long on the blog sphere not to mention with ownership of not one but 4 other sites! It is not a short 2 years but over the course of my blogging journey, I have met many incredible people with some turned into close friends.

Thank you all for your continuous support by visiting and commenting… I Moo You All!!


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0 Responses to We are 2!

  1. wen says:

    happy moo moo two year old!
    u did a great job on the moo moo.. really suitable for ur blog..hahaha! well done! well done!

    wens last blog post..The Shielding Lotion

  2. That is the most adorable COW sitting atop any cake I have ever seen! Happy MooMoo day to you!!!…with many many more to come!

  3. constance says:

    congratulations on your SECOND ANNIVERSARY! rambling moo!!! may there be many moo years to come!

    constances last blog post..Suicide Attempt Unsuccessful…

  4. Binky says:

    Wow… two years! You are really very hardworking! Congratulations and may we have many more years of your awesome blog!

    Binkys last blog post..The mole

  5. Even got a moo-moo cupcake for the big 2 celebration. Happy blogging.

    Malaika’s mummys last blog post..On the road again …

  6. michelle says:

    Happy birthday to moo blog…:P

  7. kiasumum says:

    happy belated birthday to moo moo blog….. i like to moo moo cupcake… so cute, can eat arrhhh??? 😛

    kiasumums last blog post..My Cheeky Girl II

  8. *singing* ……happy moo-day to you….happy moo-day to you…happy moo-day to yuuuuuuuuuuuuu…happy moo-day to youuu !! *

    did you create that dew-eyed moo cow?

    allthingspurples last blog post..The day she came home without her bento box

  9. Angeleyes says:

    Thanks all for your well wishes… hehehe

    Kiasumum & Christene,
    Yeap, I made the moo-moo cow and it is edible… 🙂

  10. chooi peng says:

    happy ‘birthday’ …

  11. chinnee says:

    that is really a nice cupcake…love the moo 🙂

  12. Ms.____2 be! says:

    Happy blog birthday!
    Cute cake!

    Ms.____2 be!s last blog post..Ms.____2 be!: My Wok Life – Sure will!

  13. huisia says:

    Happy Birthday to moo moo blog 🙂

  14. laundryamah says:

    happy birthday Rambling Moos!! Yea got to agree with Giddy Tigress..that cow is soooo adorable and I can notice the details you’ve put in (like that lil bit of hair’s colour is diff from the horns!) and that’s just soooooooo amazing!!

  15. That’s wonderful.
    Continue to blog ya. Happy Blogbirthday!

  16. Hijackqueen says:

    You actually bake that cake yourself???!!! OMG! you are so talented!!!! Me likey! Happy belated b’day to Moo-moo.

    Hijackqueens last blog post..The Flapping Wings

  17. Irene says:

    Sorry this came late. Happy belated bday to Moo blog!
    I likey the cupcake, so cuteeeeeeeee!

    Irenes last blog post..which one are u using?