Should I….

… get a new printer?

Ok, this question has been bugging me ever since our very old printer decided not to deliver the black ink a few months ago. PiggyBeng has checked the the model’s spec and found that our printer has reached it limit in printing with black ink… I don’t even know that until now! So, the poor printer can only print with the color inks so everything that comes out is either blue, red or yellow.

I have been contemplating of getting a new printer but PiggyBeng just won’t allow me to! Even if I am paying for it! He said I hardly use it and if it is under utilize, the Printer Ink will dries up or harden and ultimately jam the printer’s nozzle. So, how now?

During my last trip to the nearby hypermarket, I spotted a printer that is so affordable and I really felt like getting it. If PiggyBeng want to scold me… let it be or else I will have to hand write most of the message cards which I normally stick on my cupcakes. The offer will last till next Thursday and if I don’t get it by then probably I will not be able to find such a good bargain in the next few months…


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