Jusco @ Bukit Tinggi

After our Bak Kut Teh fix we drove up to Bukit Tinggi where the newest and biggest Jusco is located. We have not been to Bukit Tinggi before and was surprised by how huge Klang is and the land is very flat too. Probably due to the fact that it is nearer to the sea.

We arrived around 1pm and that place was already so crowded. There was some kind of event taking place at the out door carpark that day and was filled with people. The place has ample parking… I mean really ample! Besides the very huge outdoor parking, they also have basement and upper floors. We parked on the upper floor. I SMSed Shannon and told her I’m in Bukit Tinggi and see if she could meet with up with us since she is staying in Klang. Too bad she was busy that day so we did not get to meet.

The mall is very new indeed with all the tiles still shinning bright! šŸ˜† I think it about the size of Queensbay Mall or slightly bigger. And they have a really good mix of tenants. Even the Jusco departmental store space are huge! I spent more than 30 mins browsing at the household sections!Managed to find some Bento stuff for about RM6 each. Very happy with the find.

We did not get to actually walk on all the floors as Darrius was stuck in the kiddyland for so long. Luckily PiggyBeng was with us so he brought Darrius around and I was free to browse on other stuff.

We only managed to cover the top and bottom floors and skipped the 2nd floor shops. There was a local produce event at the ground floor and there were lots of ‘tasting’ going on which my dad enjoyed… šŸ˜† Darrius was very happy he gets to drink so many cups of milks! šŸ˜†

We left after 3 hours as the place was getting more and more crowded. The sky was still very gloomy when we left and it started to rain not long after. We proceed to PiggyBeng’s uncle’s place in Sri Damansara after that…


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  1. ai? u in KL now meh? i tot u in Penang? I love bukit tinggi too, so big. but way too far

    allthingspurples last blog post..The Bookworm Tag !

  2. khongfamily says:

    Bento stuff in Bukit Tinggi?? Where? Jusco ah?