My ex-housemate is in NYC

I’ve just found an old housemate through Facebook who is residing in New York now and he is working with one of the top boutique, Elie Tahari in SOHO – New York City. He was previously with Giorgio Armani. So cool!

I have never imagine he will go into the fashion line as when we were back in college, he was not in the fashion faculty. He was my senior and used to be the ‘big brother’ to all of us the younger ones. He was one of the nicest guy and our house always ‘rock’ with his contagious laughters. We lost contact ever since he graduated from college and only a week ago I managed to locate him.

He has given up his Malaysian citizenship and would not be coming back to Malaysia any time soon. I really hope I could visit him one of these days though I know this ‘dream’ is kind of impossible but I shall never give up hoping! Who knows one day PiggyBeng just book us tickets and off we go to NYC? :mrgreen:

After all, PiggyBeng still has a good amount of frequent flyer points which can take us to NYC at least 2 times. There are so many things I wanted to see in NYC and everything is so convenient according to PiggyBeng as he has been there a few times. Every time he will take the Newark Airport Shuttle to the city and from there he will get a day pass and move about freely.


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