A packed day

Another backdated post….


30th June 2008

We have an extremely packed day on the date above.

It was the day before we return to Penang. We were out very early… we are on the road by 9.30am as PiggyBeng needs to get some emails out first. Our first destination was the headquarter of our country’s most ‘BOLEH‘ force. Before leaving, PiggyBeng already checked all the necessary so we thought we were fine and used the longer way there to avoid some tolls.

When we reached the guard house, we were that PiggyBeng cannot go in. Why? Because he was wearing bermuda and a pair of fake Crocs shoes! We were totally caught dumbfounded. PiggyBeng was soooooo mad and we have to dash home to change! We wasted a total of 1.5 hours for that.

We were a little lucky when we went back as we managed to find a good packing space immediately in the most crowded car park. We have to surrender our handphones before allowed to enter. Before we enter, the guy at the counter told us to go to Building X. We walked in… very in under the hot sun. When we reached Building X, the guy at that counter told us we must make payment at Building Y which was located back near the guard house. As usual, PiggyBeng was @#$%^& all the way.

When we went to Building Y, the lady officer was in total blank (and this thing we are doing is a very common procedure). Then another officer came and told us to go to Building Y.1. Walked up and down and finally we found arrived. Panting and sweating as it was a hot-hot day. Finally we get to complete Pt 1 of our mission after 30 mins. Then we have to walk back to Building X again. Pt 2 was quite a breeze and we are lucky we can complete before their lunch time or else we have to wait for another hour!

After that we have to rush over to one of KL most jam area, Bukit Bintang to submit some documents. On our way out of the ‘Boleh’ force area, we spotted many ‘Boleh’ staff standing around the corner. Why? To nap errant motorists who cut in from a double line. Then we have to use the Parliament House way and was stopped by some officer. Saw many-many more officers at that spot but only one officer is checking coming vehicles. So, they never let their name down…. really ‘BOLEH’!!!

Luckily there was no heavy traffic when we turn in to Bukit Bintang and we managed to settle our stuff quite fast. Then we rush off to meet up with Anna in TTDI. We wanted to bring her to eat duck rice in Paramount Garden but only to find out they open at 5pm. Dang! So we have to go to another place. Ended up at that fish ball noodles restaurant again.

We managed to have a nice meal and we sent Anna back to TTDI. We stopped by her aunt’s place and finally met her sister, JoAnn and her little boy, Ethan.

To avoid being stuck in the after office hour traffic, we left TTDI around 4pm. Since we have some time, decided to pop by the hospital to visit Chin Nee who has just given birth the day before. PiggyBeng and Darrius waited for me in the car as Darrius fell asleep during the drive there. Met one of Chin Nee’s twins and left after about 20 minutes. On our way out, we drop by the Tun Razak park (can see Darrius’s zombie face coz he just woke up). We walked around for about 30 minutes before we decided to go to Mid Valley for dinner. I have not step into the park for more than 4 years! Last time I used to follow my parents for morning walk during the weekends. It used to be very crowded but the walk paths are too hot as not much shades over them and that was why less people goes there now.

We had Burger King as I was craving for it… (why Penang don’t have BK jek???) PiggyBeng wanted to buy the durians on offer in Carrefour but the Q to pay were just tooooooo long and slow! Ended up we have to put back all the stuff we took and leave empty handed. 😦

We only leave around 9.30pm and reach home around 10pm+. All of us were so tired that we dropped dead once we hit the bed! 😛


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  1. whoisbaby says:

    wah such a long day!!! It was nice seeing you and your family before you had to return to penang and we returning to each of our countries.