This is the season dad-di loves most… cause he gets to eat his ‘king of all fruit’! Since I have dad-di’s genes, I’m too going to love it too!

According to dad-di, this year’s harvest was not as good as the previous years. As it has been raining quite often, it actually dampen the entire crops. Dad-di said that once it rains, the fruits will all turn tasteless and they will lose its flavour and value.

No matter what, dad-di will still want to get a few bites if he do spots the good ones. Normally my Ah Kong will bring for dad-di some really good ones from his friend’s orchards but so far this year, there hasn’t been any…. so dad-di decided to try his luck elsewhere… And like usual, he always gets those value for money kinda stuff just like last year….




Can you see how ‘high’ I am feeling when these kings touches my lips? 😆


This weekend will definitely have some more when dad-di is back from Manila…. So, before the season ends…. do go grab some!!!


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19 Responses to yUmmMm!

  1. LiL'deviL says:

    Wahhh…so young already know how to eat durian!

    Yalor! Must train since young mah! His dad loves durian too much so he must influence his son lor!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Woolala… water all ready there to cure the heatiness from eating too much durian 😛

    hahha! yeah boiled cooling tea lioa…

  3. sharine says:

    alamak…. most probably my gal will not enjoy durian coz the papa & mama are non-durian person…. Anyway, Darrius looks so tempted in tasting the kings…..

    I’m not that keen either but the daddy is a huge fan of the local breeds!

  4. Giddy Tiger says:

    Wow…impressive! Ethan was just the opposite…turned his face away!

    this tamjiak kui sapu everything one!

  5. WS says:

    Ern is like Darrius…she likes durian too…even on the first time when we gave her, she didn’t give us the ‘sour’ face. In fact, she kept on ‘open and close’ her mouth as her usual sign of ‘mum mum’, she was asking for more…
    She has our genes, during person!!!

    Wow wow! Then we can have durian party for Ern and Darrius!

  6. whoisbaby says:

    wah … small boy in training for durian. i am not a huge fan of durian, eat no eat also can. guess my boy won’t get to try it until we go back there. dun think he will acquire the taste as i didn’t eat them during pregnancy. hehee

    me too… but that PB is in deep love lor! I advoided durian during preggy too but this thamjiak kui just sapu everything and anything we put into his mouth!

  7. Rabbit says:

    Eh darrius, I want to share share with u can or not ha? Share with me one bite can ler~~

    hahahaha! Darrius don’t like to share his food! He super greedy one!

  8. wa durian ah… me no fan of it wor…. i will ran away like i saw hantu like that!hahah…

    Wah heng ah! If not my PB sure bring u people go durian makan trip!

  9. Sweetpea says:

    i miss durian, i want durian, i need durian!!
    for you blogging during and me not being able to eat it, here’s a tag for you 😛

    hehehe… sollie lar… when u come back then can eat till kau-kau lor!

  10. Mama BoK says:

    Ahh..!! so clever.. ! know how to eat durian..!
    I didn’t find any.. when i was up in Halifax.. what a bummer..!

    Actually I don’t fancy durian that much but my PiggBeng is a huge fancee… so he must drag his son along so got kaki mah!

  11. Lovelymummy says:

    i want i want too….but too bad i cant eat durian now….
    many kids dont like to eat durian, but darrius like to eat…

  12. yummmiiii!!

    next blog teach us how to choose ok!! hehehe

  13. laundryamah says:

    wah so early training to eat durian ah? my kids will not enjoy it cos me don’t like! kakakkaka

  14. wow… yummy… I want, I want…

    I am a big fan of durian, have tried to give to Malaika, she doesnt seem to like it. Perhaps got kwai lo gene gua. Anway, will continue trying.

  15. He looks like he likes it. haha

    Never had the king of fruit before. 🙂

  16. oooo i am jealous! i havent eaten durian for years! can get here frozen ones or whole one from Asian shops but never tried.

  17. Blur Mommy says:

    wah… can I have some too??? Been so many years since I had durian!!! : (

  18. Wow….eating durians already 😀 I haven’t let Ashley try it yet. Afraid it’s heaty for her 😀

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