fUn-tAstIc dAy On-dA bEacH!

Oooooooooooooo! Did I tell you I lurveeeeeee weekends? I can go kai-kai, walk-walk to so many places! Guess where did dad-di and maa-mi brought me to today??? Building sand castles on the beach! And I really enjoyed myself!

First we went shopping at kah-kuk, then dad-di brought us to drink kut-kah (coconut) juice in town. It soooo yummy! It has been a looooong time since we last went there. The kut-kah juice was sooo sweet and refreshing especially on a hot day like today!

Then daddi drove us up to Tanjung Bungah and tried to search for a suitable location for us to go as the afternoon sun was extremely hot. He has to check out a few places to see if there’s any area where we can get good shaded place for me to start my castles building projects.

Initially he stopped at this place just opposite the Tropical Spice Garden but the area do not have much shaded areas and the dirty water from the hawkers above was somewhere on the sand… so we left. Then we came to this really cool place… just a few metres away from Shamrock Beach (previously known as Miami Beach – a Tsunami hit area). There were not many people around and the place is quite clean though it’s a little rocky.

When dad-di first let me stand on the sand, I was quite taken aback! It felt weird! I’ve never stepped on sand before and I actually refused and wanted dad-di to lift me up!

Then maa-mi spread out my castles building tools….

Dad-di filled up my little boat with water so we could wet the sand then he helped me to build some castles but I was too busy playing with the water…

And the sand were sticking all over my top and water wet my pants so maa-mi stripped them off and I was totally naked except with only my ‘quite’ full diaper on! Anyway, who cares right? As long as I can enjoy playing with my stuff!

See… that was why I love weekends! Hope you have a fun-tastic weekend too!


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18 Responses to fUn-tAstIc dAy On-dA bEacH!

  1. Mama BoK says:

    How nice.. to spend a day at the beach..!

    It’s summer now, can you go to the beach???

  2. wah…can i join you ah?? i also wanna play sand & be beach bum.

    can can can! come to Penang and we will bring u along!

  3. Giddy Tiger says:

    Darrius *does* look like he enjoyed his outing at the beach? Where’s the castle?

    The castles tak jadi ler…. PB too laz to fetch more water to wet the sand and the sand too rough on the area we were at.

  4. laundryamah says:

    aiya u lucky la..stay so near the beach…for us to find a descent looking one have to travel like so far lei..shiok nya for darrius!

    hehehe… yalor but we also seldom go coz too crowded during weekend and the weather can be killing!

  5. Moolet says:

    aiyo so cute wor little darrius in his diapers and playing wif sand, dono wen matt is fit enuf to go near the beach to build sand castle 😦
    ahh..still botak head hor? my matt hair is v messy sprouting all over like mushrooms head…ahahaha…

    Aiyah, bring Matt to ECP mah! That place should be ok wat.
    Yalor, my little botak head… no hair to comb!

  6. Shireen says:

    The beach looks lovely & the sand so white and clean. Im sure my gals will love the beach as they’ve never been to one yet. Darrius looks so cute & chubby in his diaper.

    You should bring your girls… I’m sure they will enjoy their day on the beach!

  7. Irene says:

    What a great collection of toys. Everyone looks so happy to be out and about.

    Those toys came in a set. I got them from ToysRUs… I think anada should have something similar to these?
    Do your place have any beaches???

  8. cracks me up each time i read about kah-kuk and now there is a new one….kuk kah??? Love the last pic…so cute!

    Ya wor… he loves to come out with his own words… we tried correcting him but he will insist of using his own words… so we just let him for now…

  9. khongfamily says:

    I like the last photo…Darrius is so cute…topless somemore.

    thanks thanks!

  10. jazzmint says:

    wah so syiok kekeke

    not as shiok as you! Can go to Singapore!!!!

  11. Sweetpea says:

    booohooohooo!! u make me feel even colder!
    darrius is as cute as a button!

    heheheh…. have u tried going to the beach in winter??? should be fun hor? hehehe
    Thanks… he looked chubbier in the last pic… but he is actually under weight!

  12. Darrius looks so cute in the last picture.


  13. LiL'deviL says:

    Doesn’t matter full diapers, as long as no sands…or were there? Nice to enjoy at the beach, it’s just too cold over here now.

    The sand was everywhere and tat was why we decided to strip him! LOL
    No worries, when summer comes, you can bring Ethan out…

  14. sharine says:

    wah…. darrius must be having fun…. i also plan to bring en en to the beach somewhere next month when I’m off from work. Feel good to introduce little one to natural places… So, next tripm – Botanical garden to see monkey??

    Do bring ur En En to the beach… she will sure loves it!
    Actually was thinking abt Botanical Garden too as I wanted to show him the monkeys… scare him a little hehehehe!

  15. whoisbaby says:

    we will be heading out to the beach soon too. want to build sand castle like darrius. hehehe … but very hot here now. somemore the beaches here no shade one … why? becos no trees one loh. have to bring own umbrella. 🙂

    wah wah! great wor! remember to post pics up ok!

  16. Mama BoK says:

    It’s not warm enough .. to go to the beach now.. it’s still quite chilly.. unfortunately.
    I miss those hot days in asia.. 😦

    Ohh… no worries. I think the weather will be warm enough in a few weeks time.
    Hope you can come back for holidays soon!

  17. Lovelymummy says:

    wahhh, really shiok…too bad ipoh dont have beache…need to go Penang…i want to bring my son to the beach too…

  18. Can I join you next time? Everytime I visit a beach covered island I have to listen to boring lectures.

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