Pizza Hut or Piss Off Hut????

Like any other weekends, we never failed to drop by one of the shopping mall within this tiny island. This week is no exception. We were in Queenbay Mall again (was there the last 2 weekends) as PiggyBeng wanted to find a matching pants for his suit.

We had a late breakfast so we did not thought of lunch till it was like almost 1.30pm. So we walked around the basement to check the various restaurants out but either they were over crowded or so empty that you have the suspicious that the food are not worth trying. Then we came to Pizza Hut (suddenly I have a craving for pizza and thought the pasta will be perfect for Darrius) and though there was a queue, we thought if we come back later, the queue would have ease off a little. So we decided to wait for a while and let Darrius has his ‘running around’ session first on the 2nd floor before heading back to the basement.

Guess we were lucky as we did not have to wait too long before we were shown to a table by the entrance. So we sat down but no one came to serve us. As we are hungry, I decided to serve myself by getting the menu from the counter. After going through the menu and ready to order (some 10 minutes later), there is still no sign of a waitress or waiter. So I raised my hand and gestured to the Manager (I think he/she looked like one) as he/she has a different uniform. Hastily he/she came over and we qucikly gave he/she our orders. Then he/she told us we have to wait for some 18 minutes for our pizza to arrive.

Waited for another 5-10 minutes and still no sign of our orders. Then a waitress came and she sent our soup, drinks and garlic bread to the table behind us where the couple sitting there has not made any order yet. So, I quickly call the waitress and told her it’s ours. After we finished our soup and garlic bread, there’s still no sign of our pizza. Even the couple behind us decided to leave after drinking the soup as no one went over their table to take their order!

Finally our pizza arrived (PiggyBeng was very pissed off then) but there’s still no sign of our pasta. Darrius also gone extremely cranky and he refused whatever thing I was trying to feed him. There were a few more people who came in and sat at the tables behind us but left too! Then there were people who jumped Q and went to get themselves seated! The whole place was so chaotic but only a miserable 3-4 waiters and waitresses are serving…. on a weekend and during peak lunch hours. Even the table next to ours were not cleared after the diners left like some 20 minutes ago! Apalah! Fast food? Never at Pizza Hut!

So, I think this will be our first and last time going to Pizza Hut @ Queensbay Mall!



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13 Responses to Pizza Hut or Piss Off Hut????

  1. yea, their service sucks big time. had a bad time here in PH in MV last wed. the service was so bad, we had to take the soup our self and also almost have to scream for service…. sigh….

  2. michelle says:

    When I crave for Pizza, I dial 1800-25-25, save the hassle. 😛

  3. michelle says:

    Opps…sorry it is 1300 88 25 25

  4. whoisbaby says:

    very bad service. i would walk out. won’t even pay.

  5. Giddy Tiger says:

    The lousy staff at Pizza Hut Tesco must have been deployed here instead…hahaha….

  6. mott says:

    hahahah..i don’t even bother. i go for dominoes…eat greasy pizza at home, with legs up…ah..bliss!

  7. Mama BoK says:

    Yah.. Pizza Hut does sux big time..!

  8. yeah dun go there anymore, always call la…eh so chaotic…eat then cabut la…conveniently forget to pay too!!

  9. huisia says:

    ask for delivery service more faster la..

  10. Mamajojo says:

    Pizza hut only fast in delivery orders… tips what!!!

  11. jazzmint says:

    keke…well not first time, me oso got my piss a hut experience 😛

  12. vkeong says:

    I would go for Domino’s first anytime!

  13. Chew says:

    Me too,

    Had some really terrible experience with Pizza Hut Tesco Penang, they have really Bad Service….

    but if you wanted a marathon for Bad Service Pizza’s, you should try out Pizza Hut Sun rise Tower Penang near Gurney next to Mcdonald’s.

    Me and my family went for some pizza, only to be Greeted with “Cold” Soup. so we informed the staff to change it, the funny thing is….they didn’t know they were serving “Cold” soup all day long to their customers….they didn’t even turn the boiler on…the girls had to ask some guys to turn it on for her as i guess she’s bad with electronics…

    and you guys wanted to burrow Toilets during Gurney side Walks…don’t bother coming to Pizza Hut…Just pee on the side walk….it’s cleaner….when i went into the toilet…OMG~~~you can see Torpedo’s Afloat….and man, do they stink…

    after the first few courses, we waited for the Pizza….WE WAITED MORE THAN AN HOUR for the “Wrong” Pizza~??? i was like WTF??? We waited an hour only to be forgotten totally….??

    within that 1 hour gap i was constantly ushering the waitress about where’s our food?? Then she knew we were getting more and more anxious….so what? she just threw us “SOMEBODY ELSE’S ORDER”?? just to “settle” us??

    but what could we do so we just ate the Pizza and LEFT…
    and SWORE we’d never step in that Pizza Hut restaurant AGAIN~!!!

    Remember Guys.
    It’s Penang Sun Rise Tower Pizza Hut – BAD SERVICE

    oh ya, and i notice all the management of pizza hut has been change lately

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