My life is shorter by 34 weeks!

Was trying to answer some comments here earlier but Darrius was kacau-ing me so decided to switch off the PC and went to watch TV instead.

My parents’ place has Astro so at least there are some channels worth watching at such unprime hours of the day. 😆 I think recently Astro has added in some new channels for free and I quite like one of it, the Discovery Channels on health (Ch77).

There was this talk show for women only called Berman & Berman. The topic for today was quite interesting; Raising Boys! How can I skip such a topic right???? However, what I was not prepared for was one of the info which was slotted in between the show…

“Women who raised a son will have their life shorten by 34 weeks!”

Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! That’s more than 6 months leh!!! So the more boys I have the shorter my life is going to be????

Now, who is going to compensate me for that 34 weeks loss of life???? Darrius or PiggyBeng?

So mommies out there, you want to have more sons???? 😛


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15 Responses to My life is shorter by 34 weeks!

  1. huisia says:

    so means my life will be shorten by 68 weeks lor..alamak..

    eerrr… i guess so kua… hhehehee

  2. kingswife says:

    Oh, I like that channel too. Plus 76 of course. Can’t get enough of the latest celeb gossips! But then, there seems to be lots of repeats.

    ASTRO always repeat! even shows as old as I can remember are still being telecasted! Esp those from Discovery Channels!

  3. Giddy Tiger says:

    I love DH&H! And I’ve watched that Breman and Breman show too. Very enlightening program.
    But 34 weeks??!!! are you kidding me? Got facts and figures or not?
    What about girls? can neutralize the loss of 34 weeks or not?

    They did not mention about girl wor….

  4. beckysmum says:

    Huh? So, do I get extra 34 weeks’ life because I am raising a girl? 😛

    hehehe… I think most mommies want to know too! hhehehee

  5. How in the heck do you compute such a number? I really wonder about science some days.

    Not computed by me!!!! It was stated in the show… hehheee

  6. nyonyapenang says:

    i got 2 boys; so 34 x 2 = 68 weeks!

    hehehe… Nyonya, go tell your 2 boys and see what they will say….hehehe

  7. whoisbaby says:

    wah … who compensate for us all? the sons or the hubby? 34 weeks is a lot!

    I’m going to ask my PB too! *evil grin*

  8. sharine says:

    aiyoh, my hubby is planning to have boys later…. scary!

    hahhaa… tell him 1st and see his reaction!

  9. karenyiau says:

    Maybe there will be another show called “Raising Girls” to answer all our doubts here?

    I dono leh… Lets hope ok!

  10. Sasha says:

    means LILIAN will be 34 yrs x 4 son = 134 yrs? Mati liao lo?

    wei Lenglui! Why you always salah read info one???? Weeks lar not years! *kokz*

  11. WS says:

    actually, raising girls equally challenging as boys…sama-sama…

    I find girls are easier to handle and they are less naughty leh… maybe I’m wrong???? hehehe

  12. Tracy says:

    What about raising girls? Will gain 34 weeks? Hahaha. I got 2 girls wor.

    hahhaa… lets hope they have the girl version soon!

  13. Nomadic Mom says:

    ALAMAK! I also have 2 boys…plus hubby also like a little boy.. so means die lah..more than 1 year shorter!!

    hahahahaha!! I also dono wor… maybe for the 3rd you might gain 6 months leh? 😛

  14. papajoneh says:

    serious ah…. Oh NO!!!
    We got 1 son now, so minus 34 and later coming another 2 babies… minus again 68wks. ok im, 34+68=> around 2.125 years plus. OMG.
    Alamak… I hope my children gonna pay this earlier than that date… or else sure mommy PIAK then.
    LOL. im not laughing. I pity my wife 😉

    Wow! So you going to have a twin boys????? Congrats!
    Sorry to hear your wife have to sacrifice another 68 weeks!!! 😛

  15. I know you did not. I was speaking rhetorically.

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