PiggyBeng is flying off again….

Supposed to write this post last night but I was dog-tired to write so pocrastinate till today.

My PiggyBeng has again, gone off for another biz trip. This time it will be around 2 weeks, including flying time. It’s a loooooong flight and this time, he will be touching a few continents before he reaches his first meeting point in Latin America.

Last night, while out on date with LaundryAmah, he called from the airport in Penang. Hewill be on trasit in Singapore for his next flight to Hong Kong which will depart this morning at 6.30am. He thought he could spend his waiting time at the frequent flyers’ lounge but only to find out they could only let him enter 2 hours before his next flight! Bummer! So he quickly went to check if he could get a room into the transit hotel within the airport but only to find out it was fully booked! Double bummer! So, poor PiggyBeng has to KLKK (kai-lai-kai-ke or walk here walk there) in the airport for more than 7 hours! You see, my PiggyBeng must have his beauty sleep (that’s why his skin very smooth one!) or else he will go cranky just like Darrius! 😆

When he arrived in Hong Kong, he managed to get online from the lounge and he put up his webcam for me to see. It’s quite fun as this is the first time he is travelling with the webcam. He can get to see his notti son too! 😛 He was off for his next flight at 12.45pm bound for Chicago. Another looooooooooong flight! 😐

In total he will be flying for more than 24-hours! It’s madness but for the sake of putting the bacon on the table he has to endure!!!!

We miss you loads!!!! Looking forward to see you home again my dear! 🙂


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10 Responses to PiggyBeng is flying off again….

  1. huisia says:

    2 weeks??? Gosh, you must be very miss him ..
    no wonder you said you’re at your parents’ house..

  2. hihi…. PB will miss you too…. you jaga diri ok… so when are you driving over to meet me?

  3. Sasha says:

    luckily got webcam otherwise will miss u guys like crazy! haha

  4. Giddy Tiger says:

    I agree it’s difficult when your spouse goes on business trips… me: been there, done that.
    But just look at Darrius and time will really fly fast 🙂
    I guarantee it!

  5. Feon-rabbit says:

    Aww.. so long..

    U and Darrius must take care know! =P

  6. 2 weeks is quite long wo for business trip.

    Take care and drive safely.

  7. OOOOO…no wonder you are back in KL. At least got webcam, not too badlah. If my hubby travel, apa cam also tak ada, not even the puter 😛

    Nvm, go for many mommy gatherings and have fun 🙂

  8. Annie Q says:

    ya lo..when u want to drive us out for crabbing again ar? hehe

  9. G-Bee says:

    u & ur piggy beng so lomantik, so nice 😀 I’m sure u & darrius miss him lots! hope time flies quickly so he’ll be back in ur loving arms, hehe. bring webcam some more to see his son, sooo good!

  10. Mama Bok says:

    Nevermind.. 2 weeks.. very fast will pass.. 😉
    Got Darrius to keep you company too.. so wouldn’t be that bad .. 😉

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