Tag-Tag-Tag! Who is the 1st Blogger you’ve met?

Wah wah wah…. the MEME power is still on the all time high. Guess with all the paid postings, lots of bloggers are happy to be tagged!!! Well, though I’m not so active with paid postings yet, I believe this is a good opportunity for me to get to know more fellow bloggers out there…. got to do some PR (public relation) before getting good PR (page rank) mah! 🙂

Was tagged by giddytigers, a new breastfeeding mom I’ve just got to know on ‘Who is the 1st blogger you’ve met?’

Here goes…

1. Who is the first blogger you’ve met?

Actually before I started blogging I’ve met KittyCat who happened to be my ante-natal course mate at Adventist Hospital. And co-incidentally she also frequent the breastfeeding forum MMB (My Mom’s Best) owned by 5Xmom.

2. Who is the ‘most wanted to meet blogger for you’?

I think I would love to meet NyonyaPenang if given any chance. I really like reading her blog for a dose of laugther. And there are some floogers (flood bloggers) like Aunty Yochana and Suyin for their ever inspiring cake decorating and recipes. And for more international front, I wish I have a chance to meet Simple America who has been a loyal supporter of this blog.

3. Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?

I guess it has to be Michelle. Vien from San Francisco has asked her to pass some stuff to me and I have yet to pay a visit to Michelle to collect the barang-barang. Best part is, she also stays in Penang!

4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?

Many of the blogging mommies and their kiddos whom I have yet to meet of course!

5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?

Hmmm…. this one has to be IMMomsdaughter! Well, she has sent me a prize and also a CNY card. It would be nice to meet her in person to thank her! Another thing is, she inspired me to write for PPP but just too bad I can’t get my lazy butts to start writing any post yet! Another reason is, must give her some cookies mah!

Well, you have it there…. and now the lucky recipients are….. cheng-cheng-cheng…..




1. Ah Pek – Give u chance to boost traffic for your new home!

2. Mommy to Bee – More work for you!

3. Montessori Mum – Another linky exercise for you!

4. Mott – Wah! Finally can taggy you! Treat it as ‘hoi-lin’ or open the year…LOL

5. LaundryAmah – Can promote your new addy ah!


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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9 Responses to Tag-Tag-Tag! Who is the 1st Blogger you’ve met?

  1. I want to meet you too. Come back to the states. 🙂

    Or I can go to Malaysia. 😀


  3. michelle says:

    Hehehehehe…you wanna meet me or meet yr stuff. Let me know the time and date. 😛

  4. Write so nice about me ah? *Blush* Pai sehlah but hor, I never reject yummy cookies…ha ha…wait till I travel to Penang ah..

  5. Pingback: Wah Another Meme?? « LaundryAmah

  6. nyonyapenang says:

    got chance, gua pun wanna meet you and darrius……he’s soooooo choooh beee…

  7. G-Bee's Mom says:

    Alamak, sorry! Today (8 March) only I saw my blog listed as being tagged! NOt sure if I will do tags (coz nobody is interested to read anything abt myself lah) hehehe but I’ll keep this in KIV 😛

  8. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Anandi Hristina.

  9. your way to beautiful gir. Merrill Amram.

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