News: Toddler choked to death on pacifier

To all mommies and daddies if your babies are using pacifiers, please read the following piece of news….


JOHOR BARU: A 14-month-old baby boy suffered for almost 90 minutes before dying, after he accidentally swallowed his pacifier at his babysitter’s house. 

The victim, Lam Chee Hol, whose parents work as factory operators in Singapore, was sent to his babysitter’s house in Taman Johor Jaya here yesterday.  

It is learnt that the parents have been sending the baby to the babysitter for more than a year. 

Yesterday, the babysitter put the pacifier into the baby’s mouth when she went to prepare his milk at about 10am. When she came back to check on him, she was horrified to see that he had swallowed the pacifier. 

She tried to pull it out but it was stuck in the baby’s throat. She rushed him to a nearby clinic but the people there could not extricate it. By the time he was taken to Sultan Ismail Hospital at 11.30am, he was pronounced dead on arrival…


I felt really glad that Darrius never wanted any pacifiers… also due to the fact that he was an exclusive breastfed baby, I have actually discourage him to use any or else he will bite me! Ouch!


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15 Responses to News: Toddler choked to death on pacifier

  1. Yvonne says:

    Yeah.. when I read the news my heart sank. Ryan never wanted pacifier too but I always give it to him as a toy to bite (teething ma). I better keep them now..

  2. sss1979 says:

    yes very sad to know about this poor baby. Lucky my bb Sean not taking any pacifier I would worry… as sil sometimes really clumsy taking care him.

  3. sasha says:

    Oh no..Jayden is addicted to pacifier!

  4. Moolet says:

    oh dear oh dear my little matthew has ahem! 5 “tutu” (3 at mil hse) and (2 at my own hse) and he will rotate to suck and play wif all before he z hiakz…

  5. Suzette says:

    Very sad to hear that. Poor baby has to suffer for so long before dying. * cry *

  6. wat a tragedy…how to stop worrying lah!

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  8. So sad when my hubby told me the news 😦 We really need to pay 100% attention to our kids.

  9. Ouch is right. Yikes.

    So sad to lose a baby like that.

  10. shooi says:

    this news really make me want to cry, cos the bb abt same age as Bryan. Can imagine the way the parents feel……

  11. shooi says:

    i meant “can’t”

  12. me says:

    i found this searching the web. i purchased the 2010 nuk pacifier nuk genius for my twins and my son first got it stuck in his mouth and then my daughter. never heard of this before.

  13. Lisa Hamill says:

    My 7 month Grandson passed away by choking to death on a Soothie pacifier just last week on August 25, 2010. This is the same pacifier that all the hospitals in our area send home with every new born baby with absolutely NO warnings or education. These TRAGIC DEATHS HAVE TO STOP!!!!! We are burying this precious baby this morning. I can guarantee that his death will not go in vain and there will be accountability. WE HAVE ALL GOT TO BAND TOGETHER TO STOP THIS KIND OF SENSELESS DEATHS AND PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!!!!!

  14. Lenore says:

    We just called 911 for our almost 6-month-old daughter because she turned the Mam pacifier the other direction in her mouth. I could not get it dislodged. It was very painful to see her mouth stuck open and she was crying nonstop and there wasn’t anything I could do but wait for the paramedics to get to our house. Our vehicle was at the garage, but she was also in no condition for a car ride. Fortunately, they got to our house and they were able to dislodge it so all she has is a cut lip. We are now weaning her off of pacifiers entirely after this incident.

  15. amanda says:

    my 6 month old got the ring of her pacifier stuck in her mouth yesterday it was the scarest thing i’ve ever gone through. she was crying so hard i felt so bad for her.luckly i was able to un stick it myself it was really hard to do and i didnt wanna do it cause i didnt wanna hurt her anymore but i had to get it soon as it happened all my adrinalin kicked in and i scared to death.i never thought that could happen.i still dont even really know how it happened.i was changing her diaper when it happened so its not like i wasnt watching her or paying attention to her.but we were lucky that she didnt get more hurt or even die.

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