Greetings from Melbourne!

Finally we are here! We arrived on last Thursday morning after a short transit in Singapore the night before. It was tiring as I could not get much sleep but was lucky that both kids managed to catch some sleep throughout the flight.

I had wanted to sleep but forgot to bring along my ipod shuffle along so I can’t have my favorite songs playing so I opted to watch some dramas instead. All in all, I only managed to sleep for 30 minutes in that 8 hours flight. I was so tired when we finally got to my friend’s place after we arrived.

The past few days we have been busy going around settling the house and shop for all the essential items so that we can move in by this weekend. I was glad we got almost everything and the next few days will be waiting for the items to be delivered to our place.

Will update more when I have the time later after we settled down in our new place.

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Samseng Girl @ 25-month…

I am in deep guilt for not updating much about the kids especially little Miss Samseng. She has definitely grew a lot… so fast too that we hope it will slow down a bit! With my pregnancy, I can hardly enjoy her best ‘growing year’ where she learns to do so many things on her own. I will sure to miss this phase of hers!

Not sure whose genes she inherited most but she is definitely having a stronger character compared to her kor-kor. She is one who will not gives up easily. She is one very determine person… if she wanted something she will try all means to get it… her way.

Anyway, beside talking and learning to talk so much more, we are also training her to be more independent and be less dependent on us. As #3 will be here soon and we are moving to a new place, we have decided to train her to sleep independently. Though she is still co-sleeping with me, I’ve decided to do away with the patting which she was so addicted to. She used to bug me a couple of times during the night to pat her back to sleep if she wakes up. It gets annoying as it disturbed my sleep. Therefore, 2 nights ago, I told her I won’t be patting her anymore. Of course she got all raged up! So, I told her I’ll hold her hand instead. Well, it works! She slept through on the 2nd night! :)

When we move in to our new home next week, I will train her to sleep with her kor-kor and daddy. As I will co-sleep with baby in a few months time, I hope she will get used to the new environment better if we do it from the very beginning. I do feel a little sad for doing this but this is the best choice. I don’t want to do it when the baby arrived else it will sure to get chaotic as she is so much younger than Darrius to have another sibling sharing mommy’s love.

It sore my heart to even think of this but I have to do it else I can anticipate all the crying later on…

I hope the two older kids are able to sleep in their own room since we’ll be having our own house soon. Fingers crossed that everything will work out well! :)

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Happy New Year!

Gosh! We are already in 2012! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Just can’t imagine how time flies… In just 10 days we will be flying off to our new home Down Under. It will be a great adventure for all of us while we explore the unknown. How exciting!!! A part of me is filled with anticipation and another part of me is filled with fear. I just hope everything will fall into places as time goes by.

We still have some stuff to pack as well as to clean up as much as we could before we leave. There are lots of stuff like closing bank accounts, cancelling credit cards as well as all those MISC stuff to look into as well. That being said, I hardly have much time to blog and check out blogs like southern blog and some of my blogging friends’ blogs for the time being. Will definitely do that once we have settled down.

Have not been getting much sleep the past few nights as Glennedine tends to fuss in the middle of the night. Probably she has nightmares or feeling uncomfortable… just hope it is just a phase.

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Packing done and NO MORE SHOPPING!


That is the one reminder from PiggyBeng to me now that we are in KL for one last time before our departure. And I was so proud to say I did not buy a single thing over the past few days here though I went to KLCC, Pavilion, Mid Valley and 1Utama! The only thing I got was an extra battery for my DSLR and a filter.

I did not do a single Christmas shopping at all since we were extremely busy with all the packing last week. Everything was a rush so all of us were so tired after the mover came that we just chilled out after that. Yes, just do nothing at all for a few days! hahahaha

Time pass so fast and we will leave KL in a few hours time… gonna miss my family and all my lovely friends here!!!!

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Expensive water ahead

Water supply here in Malaysia is still considered as abundance as compared to some countries around the globe. When we move to Down Under, water supply will be scarce and it will cost us much much more as compared to now. We have to be be really careful when using water since water is scarce especially during summer.

Probably we have to use ‘recycle’ water for other purposes so we could save and not waste water. I heard there are some restrictions when it comes to watering plants as well as car washing. Probably we might need to get goulds pump to do our own water treatment someday!

I just hope we’ll get to used to the new way of life there!!

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Network like snail

When I read about Tom Cruise’s latest venture to make Top Gun 2, I was extremely excited and told PiggyBeng that I wanted to have Top Gun 1 to be downloaded so I can watch it again before Top Gun 2 comes. Since we have already cancelled our Internet, we only use mobile dongle which do not have the bandwidth.

With weak Internet connection, I can’t download video from youtube now so I thought I could do it at my dad’s place. However, when we were there, PiggyBeng discovered that my dad’s PI connection is just as bad! It moves like snail pace!!! What a bummer!!!!

Now I can’t watch Top Gun at all and I don’t think we can download any when we moved Down Under. :(

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Packing and more packing

To be very honest, I have yet to seriously start my packing though we are left with just a week before the relo guys will be here! All I did was just dump some of the stuff into one corner and hopefully I can get them all sorted out by mid of next week. I am still feeling lousy till today… yes, at 18th weeks gestation!!! Just threw up a while ago… bleah~

We went shopping yesterday and bought a lot more stuff to be shipped along. There are still some stuff which we hope to get before the relo guys are here as there are stuff which are not available or could be expensive to get over there so we will just ship together. However, we won’t be getting any outdoor thermometers as yet. Will probably get them when we are there.

Can’t wait for this enormous task is over so we can get some rest…

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