Our NEW Home is Ready!

Yesh! Yesh! Yesh!

Finally we have moved to our new home….





First of all, I wanted to thank the following beautiful people who has given me so much help in making this possible…

This kind and lovely mommy is my so-called *sifu*, has rendered me the biggest support in getting my own domain up. I just don’t know how to thank her enough! (no cookies and cakes are enough to pay!) :P

Being a non-tech person that I am, I was lucky to have this kind and helpful daddy, introduced by this fun-loving mommy, who has spent a lot of time helping me to set up my site from scratch… receiving endless MSN messages from me crying for help each time there’s an error! :lol:

Don’t wait lioa, hop over to our new home today! And don’t forget to update your link too! :) See you there!



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Hello all!

As most of you have noticed, there has been not much updates from me… in fact I have tonnes of stuff on the Q but I just can’t find the time to do them as I am in the midst of “setting up” something… which I hope I can share with all of you very soon… so do stop by and check on my annoucement! :P

At the meantime… enjoy this little posey’s candid shot~



I’m too sexy for your…..



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3 Nights but We Survived!

PiggyBeng actually left for Manila on Monday morning for a 3-night, 4-day events. As my MIL is still around, I decided not to return to KL and stay around Penang.

So far everything looks ok and Darrius was fine throughout. He has been quite a good boy when I tried to tuck him in the past two nights. Even tonight he did not make any fuss and slept after I fed him his milk. He has been sleeping through till the next day too without waking up for milk now for the past few weeks… which is really a blessing! I have been keeping my fingers crossed that nothing drama happens when PiggBeng is not around after the previous case.

Looking forward to PiggyBeng’s return tomorrow… he got us some goodies wor!

Now, this mommy can blog all she wants till the sun rises! :lol:

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This is the season dad-di loves most… cause he gets to eat his ‘king of all fruit’! Since I have dad-di’s genes, I’m too going to love it too!

According to dad-di, this year’s harvest was not as good as the previous years. As it has been raining quite often, it actually dampen the entire crops. Dad-di said that once it rains, the fruits will all turn tasteless and they will lose its flavour and value.

No matter what, dad-di will still want to get a few bites if he do spots the good ones. Normally my Ah Kong will bring for dad-di some really good ones from his friend’s orchards but so far this year, there hasn’t been any…. so dad-di decided to try his luck elsewhere… And like usual, he always gets those value for money kinda stuff just like last year….




Can you see how ‘high’ I am feeling when these kings touches my lips? :lol:


This weekend will definitely have some more when dad-di is back from Manila…. So, before the season ends…. do go grab some!!!

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fUn-tAstIc dAy On-dA bEacH!

Oooooooooooooo! Did I tell you I lurveeeeeee weekends? I can go kai-kai, walk-walk to so many places! Guess where did dad-di and maa-mi brought me to today??? Building sand castles on the beach! And I really enjoyed myself!

First we went shopping at kah-kuk, then dad-di brought us to drink kut-kah (coconut) juice in town. It soooo yummy! It has been a looooong time since we last went there. The kut-kah juice was sooo sweet and refreshing especially on a hot day like today!

Then daddi drove us up to Tanjung Bungah and tried to search for a suitable location for us to go as the afternoon sun was extremely hot. He has to check out a few places to see if there’s any area where we can get good shaded place for me to start my castles building projects.

Initially he stopped at this place just opposite the Tropical Spice Garden but the area do not have much shaded areas and the dirty water from the hawkers above was somewhere on the sand… so we left. Then we came to this really cool place… just a few metres away from Shamrock Beach (previously known as Miami Beach – a Tsunami hit area). There were not many people around and the place is quite clean though it’s a little rocky.

When dad-di first let me stand on the sand, I was quite taken aback! It felt weird! I’ve never stepped on sand before and I actually refused and wanted dad-di to lift me up!

Then maa-mi spread out my castles building tools….

Dad-di filled up my little boat with water so we could wet the sand then he helped me to build some castles but I was too busy playing with the water…

And the sand were sticking all over my top and water wet my pants so maa-mi stripped them off and I was totally naked except with only my ‘quite’ full diaper on! Anyway, who cares right? As long as I can enjoy playing with my stuff!

See… that was why I love weekends! Hope you have a fun-tastic weekend too!

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Pizza Hut or Piss Off Hut????

Like any other weekends, we never failed to drop by one of the shopping mall within this tiny island. This week is no exception. We were in Queenbay Mall again (was there the last 2 weekends) as PiggyBeng wanted to find a matching pants for his suit.

We had a late breakfast so we did not thought of lunch till it was like almost 1.30pm. So we walked around the basement to check the various restaurants out but either they were over crowded or so empty that you have the suspicious that the food are not worth trying. Then we came to Pizza Hut (suddenly I have a craving for pizza and thought the pasta will be perfect for Darrius) and though there was a queue, we thought if we come back later, the queue would have ease off a little. So we decided to wait for a while and let Darrius has his ‘running around’ session first on the 2nd floor before heading back to the basement.

Guess we were lucky as we did not have to wait too long before we were shown to a table by the entrance. So we sat down but no one came to serve us. As we are hungry, I decided to serve myself by getting the menu from the counter. After going through the menu and ready to order (some 10 minutes later), there is still no sign of a waitress or waiter. So I raised my hand and gestured to the Manager (I think he/she looked like one) as he/she has a different uniform. Hastily he/she came over and we qucikly gave he/she our orders. Then he/she told us we have to wait for some 18 minutes for our pizza to arrive.

Waited for another 5-10 minutes and still no sign of our orders. Then a waitress came and she sent our soup, drinks and garlic bread to the table behind us where the couple sitting there has not made any order yet. So, I quickly call the waitress and told her it’s ours. After we finished our soup and garlic bread, there’s still no sign of our pizza. Even the couple behind us decided to leave after drinking the soup as no one went over their table to take their order!

Finally our pizza arrived (PiggyBeng was very pissed off then) but there’s still no sign of our pasta. Darrius also gone extremely cranky and he refused whatever thing I was trying to feed him. There were a few more people who came in and sat at the tables behind us but left too! Then there were people who jumped Q and went to get themselves seated! The whole place was so chaotic but only a miserable 3-4 waiters and waitresses are serving…. on a weekend and during peak lunch hours. Even the table next to ours were not cleared after the diners left like some 20 minutes ago! Apalah! Fast food? Never at Pizza Hut!

So, I think this will be our first and last time going to Pizza Hut @ Queensbay Mall!


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Changs and more changs

Today is the 5th day of the 5th month on the Lunar Calendar and Chinese around the world celebrate Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival or Dragon Boat Festival) in honour of a famous poet, Qu Yuan.

To all readers….. Happy Duan Wu Jie!


Check out my Duan Wu Jie’s surprises



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